we sign it - Stop Tax Evasion by Global Corporate Firms

Stop Tax Evasion by Global Corporate Firms

The estimated cost of tax evasion in the EU today is ONE TRILLION EUROS every year, i.e. the equivalent of the French national budget. It’s a fact, global corporates do not pay their fair share of taxes. Armies of accountants and lawyers enable them to dodge taxes by pretending to make the larger part of their profits in tax havens.

Sign the petition and demand DETERMINED ACTION from National and European public authorities to put an end to this situation.

No Corporate is “Too big to tax”

During the economic crisis, banks had to be bailed out with huge amounts of taxpayers’ money, because the economy cannot do without them and they could not be left to go bankrupt. Their torments were only due to the fact that they gambled without restraint with other people’s money, but they were “too big to fail”. Citizens and SME’s together saved world banking. Not for a second can we accept that global corporates do not do their fair share, because they are “too big to tax”, too powerful for taxing.

Taxes are our common wealth

Paying taxes is always unpleasant. But thanks to these contributions, together in a given territory, we are able to finance solidarity, public services, energy transition, and the necessary investments of the future. Global firms make profits in developed countries, because they find healthy trained employees, efficient transportation systems, and many other advantages. What they benefit from should naturally be paid for! So far, individual citizens and SME’s are doing all the work.

work here and do your taxes elsewhere

Economist Gabriel Zucan studied a broad cross-section of firms and was able to work out that 15% of world benefits are said to be made in tax havens. This is 2% of the world economy. It’s a completely unreal situation and is only made possible because global corporates give different information to each national administration of the countries they work in. Take the notorious Google: this firm told American tax authorities that its head office is in Ireland while telling European tax authorities that it’s in Bermuda. Thus, an important part of Google’s profits are taxed neither in the US nor in Europe.

Tax authorities must stop letting themselves be blinded

Everybody should contribute at the level of the profits made, in the place where they are made. This is possible if tax authorities stop letting themselves be fooled separately.

We demand that public authorities put their resources in common, so as:

. To target firstly the global corporate firms “too big to tax”, at the heart of tax dodgers’ global networks.

. To implement a fiscal reform, so as to be able to cope with the situation.

. To act on a European level on equal terms with these Goliaths.

. To cooperate as of now and initiate common investigations regarding the most notorious tax dodgers.


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